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There is one common denominator that unites individuals and nations around the world. Our environment. It is what ensures that the society of which we are a part continues to grow and prosper. Therefore it needs to be treated with care.

Water may seem like an inexhaustible commodity and all too often the air we breathe is taken for granted. Without diligence and innovative technical breakthroughs these and other life giving resources could well be lost to us.

We are already seeing the effects of pollution, global warming and a lack of awareness for what our actions are doing to our fragile planet. Therefore, it is vital that we ensure that innovations are turned into viable and effective solutions and this requires sustainable finance if it is to become reality.

Who We Are

Optineo Group Inc is a company unlike any other. We own, provide finance, administer and build successful businesses that are active within the field of innovative clean tech. Our water management and purification solutions are already making a difference to communities around the world. Our portfolio comprises wholly owned subsidiaries as well as partial and minority holdings in other companies on the international marketplace.

Our goal is to be a cornerstone for enterprises that require capital in order to realize their ambitions and also to attract other investors who are determined to use their financial resources together with ours to create a better environment. Therefore we focus on companies that can prove the effectiveness of their products and which have the potential to expand internationally together with us and our partner investors.

Our role is to provide a value-creating management structure that enables ingenuity to evolve into long-term business ventures. Regardless of the percentage of ownership we have in a company, we follow a structured working method that encompasses board and management best practice, acquisition and merger processes and development programs.

In short, Optineo Group Inc is a company that brings to market solutions that otherwise would be nothing more than research projects.


Our Vision

» Through a long-term, international focus, pursue a prime position in the global clean tech investment marketplace.

» By taking an active role in the business development of our holdings – current and future – ensure that market-ready and development products provide a steadfast contribution to a vital global issue.

» By engaging co-investors who share our values – be they individuals, environmental investors or capital providers with a clear focus on using their investments to make a real difference – we will grow our asset base internationally.

» By focusing on investments that are at the forefront of environmental technology we will become the market leader, driving innovations to market.

What We Do

We create smarter, better and more efficient water management, air purification, sanitation and clean tech energy solutions through the provision of funding for companies with concepts that make a difference. We invest in businesses within the areas of predictive maintenance, the Internet of Water, contaminant detection, water purification and reuse. We also contribute towards the development of new industrial applications, including those in areas such as oil and gas extraction, mining, food and beverage production as well as agriculture, atmospheric emission reduction and air purification.


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