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Our share structure is currently being finalized. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Financial reports will be published here so as to provide potential investors and the market place with accurate and relevant information that clearly facilitates a good understanding of our group, its intentions and operations.


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Information regarding decisions that have been made at our annual general meetings is published here. Currently no Annual General Meeting has been held, but we will provide relevant information when available.

Investor FAQ

What kinds of companies do you invest in?
As a group, we always aim to search for new technology that provides a sustainable revenue flow and a long term investment to include in our portfolio. The businesses we seek are companies with concepts that have not been able to succeed in the marketplace due to a lack of management knowhow and/or a capital requirement that has not been met. This is where our expertise lies.
What is your required holding in an upstart business?
That will depend on the business and the environmental benefits that the technology it offers has. If it is a business with growth potential and a solid management understanding this will require less work from our side so a minority interest might be enough. However, if the intention is to fully integrate the business into our group, a majority holding is necessary.
Do you only invest in clean tech businesses or do you also fund research projects?
At the moment this is not something that we engage in. It might, however, be a possibility if the research could benefit our own products in some way.
What are your requirements when you consider a potential investment?
The most important thing for us is market potential. If there is a viable market, we are interested.
Is there a lower limit to the size of a holding that you require in a company that you invest in?
No, not really. It all depends on the business potential of the technology offered.
We require a long term partner. Is this a specific of your business mission?
We identify ourselves as being an investment growth company. This means that our business mission builds upon only including long term partners. This perspective gives us the possibility to build successful companies based on their market offering over time and in ensuring that they are profitable as they grow.
Do you invest in companies who are seeking capital for test installations as proof of concept?
No. That is not specifically a part of our business mission. If we are offered a potential investment opportunity that does not have proof of concept, it will of course qualify as a subject for discussion. In general though, proof of concept is important and means that we can focus on what we specialize in, helping the business grow.
Can you provide support in the form of marketing and branding for the companies you invest in?
The businesses that become part of the Optineo Group are included in our corporate family and have access to our entire contact base.

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Optineo Group Inc

13011 Grämlich RD SW

Lavale, MD 21501, USA

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