Beyond Clean Water provides sustainable solutions to environmental water pollution.

Beyond Clean Water

Beyond Clean Water provides sustainable storm water filters, wastewater filter systems and water surveillance systems.

We believe that a global water crises is threatening the sustainable production of food. Why? Because two-thirds of all the fresh water that is produced is used in agriculture. With the demand for water set to rise by 50% by 2030, water scarcity is a likely scenario for billions of people around the world. We are determined to address this issue.

Our Clean World Initiative aims to provide sustainability with the wise deployment, use and management of human, economic and natural resources. In adhering to this vision of sustainability, we are working to bring value to employees, communities, customers, partners and shareholders. Beyond Clean Water provides sustainable solutions to environmental water pollution problems and our corporate culture is focused on sustainability through innovation. That means aspiring to continuously improve our environmental performance beyond mere compliance with legally required standards.

Therefore we will

» invest in the research and development of new technologies to enhance existing products and operations while creating new business opportunities in water filtration and water surveillance management

» explore and implement processes and technologies at our existing facilities to improve efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of production

» partner with governments and non-governmental organizations to communicate the benefits of the need for cleaner water, enhance recycling opportunities with products manufactured through new technology and support the development of other environmental programs.

Beyond Clean Water is consistent with Optineo’s mission to become a world leading company by providing environmentally superior solutions, advancing our technical expertise and creating new business opportunities. Beyond Clean Water is committed to achieving and maintaining an environmental health and safety performance that ranks among the best in the water purification industry while contributing invaluable solutions to communities where we can make a difference.


It is simple and effective. We have a device that filters water inside a storm drain. In essence, the unit comprises a filter unit and a floatation module that carries the filter as it does its job. Together, these two parts ensure that the unit is secured below the surface of the storm water inside the drain. Through apertures extending radially from the outer surface of the carrier, storm water and its resulting contaminants can easily pass through and reach the filtration unit.

The objective of SweDrop is to create a sustainable management of environmental products through the advancement of our knowledge of the interactions between contaminants and the climate. By developing new technologies, tools and services we can deliver a fully integrated storm water filter solution.

SweDrop develops products for water treatment that truly make a difference to the environment. We are regarded as the most innovative and leading company in the area of water purification. Our patented (in 137 countries) storm water filter SweDrop has an impressive purification capacity. The active filter, made from natural components combined with a unique shape and buoyancy solution, ensures that it not only cleans rainwater and other liquids that are disposed of into the storm water system, but it also purifies the water that is already in the storm water drain. That means SweDrop is more effective and filters out more dangerous substances than the EU can claim in its comprehensive Water Directive. The unit has also been developed to feature a simple design that facilitates ease of transport, handling and maintenance. The RFID tag also provides increased reliability of the management of the unit during the entire life of the filter.

The patented storm water filter SweDrop:

» Effective - filters all kinds of oils and over 100 chemicals and heavy metals and meets the EU directive by a wide margin

» Flexible - suitable for all types of storm drains

» Easy management - in both installation and maintenance

» Double-acting - filters both incoming and existing water

» Unique RFID tagging - for safer control

Remember this. We need water and water needs us. Water is not a commercial product like any other, but rather a heritage which must be protected, defended and treated as such.


This is a system that, installed in each storm water well, provides the addition of advanced sensors which monitor water levels, temperature, water flow and chemical substances. Energy is harvested and stored locally, low power electronics feed optimized antenna and radio technologies which transmit information to local access points from where data is linked to an internet database from which the waste water management system analyses incoming data and provides regular reports or, if required, alarms. This is a scalable and versatile system that uses state-of-the-art “Internet of Things” architecture

By using IPv6/6powPan communication solutions from our sensors we can provide future-proof integration with Internet-based database storage and management systems (CoC). Data visualization, access and control from mobile systems (Android or iOS) or fixed PC clients together with an alarm or event messaging solution using e-mail, text or older messaging versions enables easy integration.

Sensor information is gathered from local groups of wells and linked to the Internet by a suitable standard wireless or wired city network. GSM/3G or WiFi is used for connection to the Internet. Optionally, other local alternatives may be used. Satellite is also a possible system integration point depending on locality.

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